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GC Lightning Harvesters

Lightning Harvesters


 A longer-term product - on which we have already filed a patent application - is what we have called the GC Lightning Harvester.

We plan to adapt the high strength-to-weight characteristics of GC composite technology to manufacture ultra-long cables - of circa 8 miles in length. These ultra-long cables would have a highly-conductive coating of graphene - effectively making them lightning rods which can reach up into the clouds.

Clouds contain a massive amount of energy, in the form of static electricity, or the difference in voltage between the bottom of a cloud and the ground. Lightning occurs when this voltage difference builds up to such an extent that electricity leaps across this gap.

Our Lightning Harvester is a bit of a misnomer - because our design doesn’t actually require lightning to harvest electricity. We believe it could also collect electrical energy from clouds. The highly-conductive graphene coating on our GC composite cable (held aloft by weather balloons) would be, by far, the path of least resistance for electricity to travel along. Electricity flows - even the extremely large bursts from lightning strikes - would travel down the graphene-coated cable into a super-capacitor array, which could then release electricity into the power grid in a controlled way.

Our preliminary estimates indicate that if this design were to work, GC Lightning Harvesters could be deployed at a lower cost than with nearly every other form of electrical power generation - and, crucially, it would be based on an infinitely renewable energy source, i.e. clouds.