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Working with CPI, we have started another product development stream that applies the multi-layer GC composite technology to aircraft and/or vehicle skins. This uses different formulations to achieve the required stiffness, but the key advantage of lightness remains. Here is an initial prototype panel that we have developed:



With a GC graphene/aerogel nano-composite aircraft skin, we believe that the tightly-bonded graphene molecules could form an extremely smooth outer layer, enabling air to flow easily over the aircraft skin, whilst the aerogel layers would provide both vibration-dampening and heat insulation.

The high electrical conductivity of the graphene layer would also enable the aircraft to deal with lightning strikes more effectively than either carbon-fibre or aluminium-skinned aircraft; the aerogel layer, with its high electricity insulation power, would protect an aircraft’s passengers.

An aircraft skin made of GC graphene/aerogel tape would also be much lighter than a carbon fibre aircraft skin because of the lightness of the aerogel; the aerogel in the GC composite would also provide a significant degree of thermal insulation, whereas the carbon fibre skin would not.

Source: GC proprietary technology; patent pending

Source: GC proprietary technology; patent pending