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About us


Graphene Composites Limited (GC) is a nano-materials technology company. We combine graphene (the strongest known material in the world), aerogels (the lightest, most shock-absorbent materials ever developed) and other materials to produce a range of composites that are amongst the strongest, lightest, most resilient materials ever created.

Key products and markets

We are developing several products from our GC armour composite, including the GC Shield, which is a light, flexible shield that can stop a .357 Magnum bullet - and fits in a schoolbag - and can linked together to form a GC Shield Wall to protect groups, e.g. classrooms.

We are also developing prototype aircraft and/or vehicle skins that deliver high levels of strength and resilience at a much lower weight than existing materials. We expect to develop prototype aircraft/vehicle skins over the course of 2018.

On a longer-term perspective, we are also working on a Lightning Harvester, which would gather electrical energy from clouds and lightning via a long, strong, highly-conductive GC composite cable, channel it into an ultra-capacitor array, and then transfer it into the power grid. We believe that if we are successful in developing this technology, we think GC Lightning Harvesters could eventually meet the bulk of the world’s electricity needs - cleanly, at a fraction of the cost of existing power plants.

All of these products, and our core graphene/aerogel composite technology, are covered by patents pending with the UK Intellectual Property Office.



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Our Team


founder and CEO

Sandy Chen

Sandy Chen came up with the idea of a graphene/aerogel composite six years ago. However, since he was committed full-time as a City analyst, there was little time to pursue the idea. Sandy Chen gained prominence as the analyst who called the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-9, identifying key weaknesses in the UK banks (e.g. Northern Rock, RBS) and in the financial system overall. Since then, he has written a book on bank analysis and valuation, and testified on banks at a Parliamentary committee hearing. He is a regular media commentator on banks and macroeconomic issues.



finance director

Graham Laycock

Graham is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and qualified with PWC. He spent 15 years in senior finance roles within Data General Corporation, a NASDAQ listed technology company, before being appointed CFO of Barclays Technology Services and subsequently becoming CFO Barclays Retail Distribution. Recently, Graham has focused on advising fast growth start-up businesses within financial services, manufacturing, technology and the digital sectors.